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Dan Del Negro standing w. blue shirt

Hi, I’m Dan Del Negro. Welcome to my website!

I’m a musician (keyboardist, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer), mindfulness practitioner / teacher, photographer / videographer, and writer. 


My aim in doing all these things, and in life, is to be present in each moment: experiencing life fully, and getting free of preconceived notions as much as possible. And it’s my aim to inspire others to do the same. I believe that this way of living can result in more joy, more health for people and the planet, more openness, acceptance, and love, and more peace!


I’ve been a full-time musician and mindfulness practitioner most of my life, and and have done lots of photography and various forms of writing through the years. The mindfulness course and videography are more recent developments, but are built on my past experiences.


I was born in Chicago, IL. and lived in various suburbs and the City until 1995, when I moved to Los Angeles, CA. I moved to the island of O`ahu in Hawai`i at the end of 2000, and have lived there ever since.


Besides the activities above, I enjoy working out (walking, weight training, HIIT, rowing machine, mini-trampoline, and yoga), cooking, and fine wine.


I invite you to check out this website for music, the mindfulness course, photography, and writings, as well as what I’m up to with live and virtual events


You can sign up for my email list and find me on social media via the footer at the bottom of each page.


Thanks for stopping by, and…ENJOY!

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